Men’s Leadership Class #13

My seventh, and final goal for the class is to find those exceptional guys who I can recruit for key positions of leadership in our church . Future Elders, leaders of small groups and accountability groups, and even pastoral staff in the future for JBC and other churches who are looking for staff. These exceptional guys would be men who have a high level of self-control and a high level of commitment to the Word of God and to prayer. They would love their wives and be devoted to leading their family as disciples of Christ. They would be Squeaky clean when it comes to moral purity, and would not be careless in what they watch on tv, the movies, or the internet. They would be those who are teachable and life long learners. They would be super faithful in that whatever they commit to they would be careful to do. They would be guys who have a high level of relational intelligence, that is they know how to get along with people even the weird and cranky ones. They would be very positive, not a complainer or a grumble, who are careful to always speak words that edify, build up, and give grace to those who hear. Everything rises and falls on leadership, the higher the level of leadership the more successful the group that they are leading will be. Over the 40 years of teaching the leadership class I have developed a sensitivity to spotting high character, exceptional men who will be a major asset to the work of God. As a 69 year old pastor who has a few years left in ministry, investing my life in the life of men who can do way more than I have done is very rewarding and fulfilling.

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