Men’s Leadership Class #12

The sixth goal that I have in teaching the leadership class is to get close to and become friends with each of the men in the class. As a pastor I want to know well as many people as I can so that I can be that kind of Shepard that Jesus said that He is in John 10 when He declares that He is the good shepherd, and as the good Shepherd He knew His Sheep by name and they knew Him and knew His voice, and followed Him. Leadership as the Senior Pastor of a growing church is tricky. A pastor must be strong enough to maintain the unity of the church and also the corporate vision of the church so that everyone buys into that vision and becomes a functioning part of accomplishing it. But he must not become a CEO type of leader who leads on the basis of the power of his position. All leadership is earned, both from God by being faithful and from the people being led by being a servant and a good example of a godly man. Unless I get close enough to people leading by example is not possible. In the class I hear the men’s stories of how they got where they are and what has shaped them to be who they are. They hear my stories and get to know my history, my weaknesses, my passions, and see my walk with Christ up close. I enjoy very much having men friends who I can hunt and fish with, go out to dinner with, golf with, and sit, have a cup of coffee together with, and talk about life.

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