San Francisco

I am headed to Los Angelos area to speak for two days at a seminar for Pastors. I have a 3 hour layover in San Francisco, and I am sitting here in a Sports Bar watching pre-season baseball and sportscasters talk about the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament dubbed “March Madness”. While sitting here I have gotten into numerous conversations with people about basketball, but the conversations inevitably shift to politics, guns, North Korea, Trump, etc. and not to far into the conversation they come to the conclusion that I am one of those radical right wing Christians who loves guns and thinks Trump is alright. So far after 6 conversations with 6 different people, I have had gracious, thoughtful, pleasant conversations with people who were very different than me in their opinions and views. It is so nice to talk with someone without being labeled as stupid or having my character attacked even though we have different world views and political views. I enjoy chatting with people about things we view differently until it becomes emotional, mean spirited, and argumentative, and then I graciously bail, at least I try to. One of my guiding principles is to honor all people because they are people created in the image of God. To honor a person means that I have good manners, don’t purposely say things to them that would be insulting or hurtful, to listen attentively to their words, not interrupting, correcting or arguing. I know what I believe to be true, and I am in the business of “converting” people to my view, but I want my life to be marked by integrity, graciousness, rejoicing always- complaining about nothing, and being a person who is nice. It takes great self-control at times, but I believe people are drawn to being accepted and loved, not to persuasive words, arguments or insults.

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