Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge

The ability to think clearly, logically, without prejudice, or bias, is rare. Most people think about a problem, or difficult situation with a host of paradigms that have been programmed into their thinking for a bunch of years by a bunch of different people. Thinking is a discipline. Most people think in reaction to their circumstances, and their thinking is not proactive during most of their day, that is they aren’t thinking about solutions to the problems that have come into their life, instead their thinking is simply a conversation with themselves as spectators of events around them. This self-talk generally moves quickly to self-pity, blaming others, and becomes circular rehashing in their mind of the events and how bad they were. Most think like this because that is the default setting that we were born with, and to change that kind of thinking into wise, positive, focused on others kind of thinking takes major, big time discipline and self-control. To be a wise person we have to constantly listen to our thoughts, and ruthlessly identify foolish thinking, that thinking that has been programmed into or brains by many other people who are fools. The discipline of being a wisdom seeker, one who thinks like God, is a 24/7 kind of lifestyle. When I listen to sermons and read books, at the beginning I am asking the question, “is this speaker or writer wise or are they just giving me the stuff that is the most recent fad that sells”. Once I arrive at the firm conclusion that the speaker or author I am engaged with is a truly wise person I read or listen to all I can find that they have authored.

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