Selling my 1949 Ford pickup

one of my goals every year is to “do something I have never done before”, and also to “learn something I have never learned before”. 10 years ago the new thing to do and learn about was to totally rebuild and restore this 1949 Ford Pickup. I read volumes on how to restore old classics, and I learned how to do every aspect of the restoration project including the body work and painting. I have learned how to keep bees and had two hives for several years before giving them to my son -in-law, and grandson. I learned how to make soap using honey, goats milk, oat meal, and olive oil. I learned all about aquaponics, built a greenhouse, and had 300 tilapia fertilizing grow beds with spinach. This year I am building a 24 foot dory boat to fish in the ocean with. One of my rules is that when I add new things I have to get rid of old things. I want my adventures, projects, and challenges to be renewing, not burdensome or a drain on my time or finances. So, though it was a hard decision to make I am going to sell my F1, at least try. If I can’t sell it for enough to help out financially with my new projects I will keep it and make it my daily driver, it really is a fun rig to drive.

We are created in the image of God, so much about us as people is almost infinite in potential, but it is easy to fall short of that potential through apathy, laziness, and indifference. I have purposed that I will be a lifelong learner, and new projects established by goals keeps that desire to learn new things hot inside of me. In our day and age with the internet, You Tube, and Kindle a wealth of information about anything is readily available to anyone who wants to seek for the information, and spend time reading, listening, and watching. Life is so much more enjoyable to the person who is mentally growing stronger, embarking on new adventures and challenges, and becoming a stronger and more mature person through learning.

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