We came home from the Prayer Summit today, and the question among our staff was “what did you gain this year?”. I enjoy going very much because of the special kind of rest and renewal it provides for me. It isn’t the normal take a break, sleep more, and eat good food kind of rest, it is special, unique, spiritual, relational, and psychological kind of rest. It really is hard to understand and harder yet to explain, but it is very real and effective in my life each year I go. There are numerous ingredients in a Prayer Summit that makes it special to me; a key one is the prayer and worship we do together that results in a special sense of God’s presence that is very powerful and profound in its effect upon me. Another huge factor are the people who are there, each one coming as a seeker of God’s presence, blessings, grace, energy, direction, and joy. When you sit in a room with 50 other men who believe in God with all their heart, soul, and mind, who are all choosing to live for Him and serve Him with their whole life, with no reservations, it really does create a special kind of environment in which my soul seems to thrive in. There are all kinds of people there, young, just beginning in ministry, very naive, and some hungry to learn. Old, experienced, ready to retire or already retired, with all kinds of wisdom that they would love to pass on to those hungry to learn. Veterans who are tired and discouraged because of unrealized goals, dreams, and desires, who are really hoping for some new life, vision, and passion while at the Prayer Summit. Veterans who are faithfully serving the Lord, showing up for work everyday, running the race with endurance that God has set before them, enjoying the rest the summit provides, but ready to get right back at it when the summit is over. It is amazing how the intermingling of the various kinds of men at the summit produces this obviously supernatural mutual blessing and benefit between all who are there.

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