Leadership is influence. Influence is when we cause change in another person’s life and/or character, or cause change in an organization, or even have enough influence to cause change in a culture or people group. Great leaders influence to such a degree that the change they cause lasts for eternity. Great leaders who cause significant and lasting change don’t do so because they connect effectively with people, but because they connect effectively with God, prompting Him to create the change. Powerful influence is supernatural, it is the authority of God being given to a person who uses it wisely to move and motivate others to significant accomplishment and growth.

There are character traits in a person that moves God to give His authority to them causing them to be a strong leader. Faithfulness is a key one; “This one thing does God require of His servants, that they be found faithful”, “You have been faithful in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things”, and “God considered me faithful, putting me into ministry”.

A close second and complimentary character trait that God loves and blesses is endurance; “Run the race with endurance that is set before you”, “In due time you will reap if you don’t quit”, and “let endurance have it’s perfect result”.

Endurance and faithfulness work together to produce a person of high character that God uses and blesses to influence many others for His purposes. Eugene Peterson’s book, “A long Obedience in the Same Direction” is a great description of a person of great and lasting influence, a true leader for God.

A faithful person who runs the race with endurance, perseverance, and passion becomes that person because they do what they do in obedience to the Lord, desiring to please Him, seeking strength from Him.

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