Keep the Rules if You Want to Win

God the creator of everything that exists, the one who holds all things together by the exertion of His own power, all wise, all knowing, all powerful God. God is the rule maker, He is the rule enforcer. He created His rules to enhance life, to make us happy and fulfilled. Men like to make their own rules and ignore God’s, and to declare that His are old fashioned. God’s rules cause us to live life with freedom, confidence and success, our rules seem to be reasonable, but the truth is that they result in failure and conflict and remorse. One of God’s rules repeated numerous times in a variety of ways is, “honor the king”. The Apostle Paul wrote this command when Nero was the Roman Emperor, and he was one of the cruelest rulers of all human history. If there ever was a ruler and leader who would be fair game to slander and complain about it would be Nero. It has now become an American pastime that most participate in, to bash the President of the United States and other elected leaders in our country. To blatantly violate and break the rules that the God of the universe has made is the ultimate in foolishness, and will result in loss of joy, loss of peace, frustration, failure, and general misery in the midst of abundance. God’s rules are not burdensome, they are not intended to restrict our freedom, we are capable of keeping them because God makes us capable as we choose to obey Him instead of following the world and imitating them.

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