It is Good

When God created the world and everything in it, He ended each day with an inspection of His work and a declaration, “It is good”! It is impossible to comprehend the number of choices God processed as He decided what everything would look like, how it would function, and how it all fit together. The creativity of all the universe is staggering. On a much smaller scale each one of us has his life to use up, his character to develop, his goals and dreams to accomplish. When I get to the end of a week like tonight, I think about all that I have done, what I have done that was good, wise, and blessed others, what I did that I should have replaced with something else. At end of some weeks I feel really good about the choices, activities, and results and I declare to myself, “Now, that was a good week”. It is sort of like an artist stepping back and looking at his painting, and thinking, “now that looks very good”. The key for me to get to the end of a week with a great sense of victory in my life and the work I have accomplished is to choose to do what matters most every day all day long. The number of choices available to us in this day and age is incredible and the result for many is a lot of wrong choices or decision paralysis. The decision making process creates great stress for many as they agonize over what should I do. The single most important grid for shorting through the options for me is the question, “does it contribute to the accomplishment of my goals”. If it doesn’t I chuck it even if it is a really good thing, because you can only do so much so decide ahead of time what that will be and express it in the form of a goal and stay focused on it. The result is a lot of really good weeks.

1 thought on “It is Good

  1. Sam Warner

    I want to thank you for challenging me.
    Your discipline is infectious.
    Our church in SeaTac is experiencing a rededication and commitment to Christ and each other, as well as a real zeal and burden for lost souls.



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