It is so fun to watch people who have obviously practiced for hundreds if not thousands of hours, perform. They have perfected their various skills to near perfection. The hours and hours of practice, strength training, and eating just the perfect foods takes immense amounts of self-control, what is the motivation behind it all? We all know the answer to that, to win the gold medal in front of the world. As I watched I thought I should put forth that much discipline, effort, hard work, and sacrifice to living the Christian life, to growing to be like Jesus in character, and to bearing much fruit for God. The Apostle Paul says they are motivated by the hope of winning a prize that won’t last, that is in a year no one will remember who who won what, but the awards we receive at the “judgment Seat of Christ” will last forever. Why don’t more believers put out that kind of effort and discipline? Why don’t I? I think the key is a fuller understanding of “The Judgment Seat of Christ”, and then a faith that it will happen, and that the rewards received are real and worth the sacrifice. Is the effort worth it?

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