God’s part- My part

As we attempt to achieve, accomplish, and succeed in life, one of the questions is, “what is my role and what is God’s”. As a pastor I am obsessed with reaching people with gospel, and I am always pushing, setting goals, evaluating, and generally working hard. I have heard many pastors say, “Jesus said He would build His Church, so I don’t need to do all of that goal setting, evaluating, and working like a dog, I am just going along for the ride. I have said on numerous occasions that “ex farmers make the best pastors” because they know some things as a result of their farming experience that really helps in this arena of balance and perspective on what In the world am I supposed to be doing anyway! In 1 Corinthians 3 Paul says “I planted and Apollo’s watered, but God was causing the growth.” Every farmer knows that, I plow and disc the ground, God won’t do that for me, I plant the seed, God won’t do that for me, I water the seed, God won’t do that for me, I keep the weeds out, God won’t do that for me, and I pick the corn, God won’t do that either, but He will make the corn grow, I don’t have a clue how to do that. In our marriages, raising our kids, in our jobs, in our church, even in my hobbies there is God’s part and there is our part. It really isn’t that hard to figure out. We make it complicated because we want to slide out of our responsibility and give it to God. God loves to bless responsible, faithful, diligent people with success.

1 thought on “God’s part- My part

  1. MarvDonna

    We sometimes wonder if you wonder if doing these blogs every day is worth the effort? Does it bear fruit? Yes and Yes!! Thank you for the daily “Heart and Soul” lessons you give us.



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