Incoming ballistic missile

Today in Hawaii there was a warning that came over people’s cell phones that there was an incoming ballistic missile and that this was not a test. Later there was a correction made that it was a test. Evidently someone pushed the wrong button. As I heard the reaction from our daughter and son-in-law when they heard the warning, I was very proud of their faith and strength, and thought, “now that was a great test to see if someone is really trusting in Jesus or just going through the motions”. Aaron responded that he felt a great peace, and Sally a similar response, but in the general population there was panic not peace. Pastor Mike Dedera is preaching a series of sermons at JBC on the different fears we have, fear of death is one of them, and how our faith in God will take away those fears. “Great peace” is God’s gift to us when we follow Him totally, a peace that is incomprehensible, a peace that guards our hearts and minds. If you had been on Hawaii today and heard that warning on your cell phone what would you have felt and thought. Most don’t know until it happens.

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