Hunger and Thirst

Jesus said that if we would “hunger and thirst for righteousness, we would be satisfied, meaning that we would become more and more righteous. Years ago, when I was in my early 20’s We would sing a little chorus that John Fisher wrote called, “I want to be a more righteous man”. It was a short song, with a catchy melody that I used to sing all day long while I was working. Occasionally I would stop and think about the words and declare to the Lord, “I really do want with all my heart to be a more godly man, please grant me the desire of my heart”!! Obviously the level of righteousness that we can grow to is to be like Jesus so we have a long way to go, and as we grow little bit by little bit it seems like our desire grows as well so that we agonize over each of our failures to live a holy life. I have heard teachers say that we shouldn’t feel that agony over our sins, and we ought to adjust our thinking so that we don’t. I am sure that if I adjusted my thinking so that I became comfortable with my level of unrighteousness I would stop growing in my level of righteousness. I hunger and thirst for more and more righteousness, and I want more of that desire so that I am driven to pursue Christ and to be like Him. Five things I want more of, five things that I declare to the Lord that if He doesn’t give me, please just kill me and take me to heaven, there is no level of satisfaction reached, in fact as more is achieved even more is wanted. The first is wisdom, to be able to think right, think clear and true, to think like Jesus. The second desire is to know Jesus more intimately, to truly dine with Him, to hear His voice, and to walk with Him. The third desire is to bear fruit, to do something with my life that matters for all eternity, to make a difference in people’s eternal destiny, to be able to say at the end of my life as Jesus did, “I glorified You in my life, having accomplished the work You gave me to do”. And the fourth is to be a more righteous man, every day of my life, more, more, more.

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