How nice it would be to just relax and take it easy

I sometimes wish that I could just be content with a church of 50, and not care if there were any new people on Sunday, or if anybody was scheduled to get baptized, or if we reached our attendance goal. I live in a constant state of discontent bordering at times on frustration over the growth of our church. By many people’s standards JBC is doing great, but by mine we could do so much better. WantIng a bigger church is silly, it means more problems, more conflicts, more marriage problems, more people who can’t pay their water bill, and on and on and on….. My, oh my, how I wish I could be content with a comfortable little church of 50 people. I guess it is my understanding of what it means to be “spiritually lost”, and what the consequences are for ever and ever that drives me. There are so many needy people all around me, all around our church, people who need an invitation to attend a worship service, who need a friend, who need a savior. There are 5 things that I want more and more of, that I constantly am praying and asking God to please bless me with. The first is more wisdom, the second is more intimacy with Jesus, to know Him for real, more and more, and the third is more fruit, more people who’s lives have changed, more people headed for an eternity with God instead of an eternity in darkness, aloneness, and agony. My prayer every morning and every night is “please Lord, bless me so that I can bear more fruit in the next 10 years of my ministry than I did in the previous 40.

2 thoughts on “How nice it would be to just relax and take it easy

  1. Robert Kill

    Pastor Dee,
    I wish my last forty years was as prosperous as your last forty years!
    I read your blog every day, you encourage me to keep pressing on, not to become weary in well doing.
    Thank you for your encouragement, I will continue to pray for you every morning.

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