Pastor Mike and his family are going to be gone this weekend for a Christmas get away as a family, so I get to preach at JBC this weekend. I am memorizing the book of Hebrews in preparation for my Sunday morning, 8:00 am class for this next Fall when I am going to teach through the book of Hebrews. There are 13 chapters and I am about done with chapter 9 so I am getting close to getting it done . Hebrews is one of the most difficult books in the Bible to understand, and because I am memorizing it I think about it off and on all through the day. Because of that constant thinking, pondering, and meditating on the book I have made a couple of shifts in my theology over the last couple of months. It is impossible to spend as much time as I have in a book, and not have that book greatly influence your thinking and your belief system. So this weekend I am going to preach on “The most important test we will ever take” and why it is really important to pass it. The first time I took my driving test to get my license I flunked, it was so embarrassing to tell my friends at school. The first two times I took my test for my motorcycle endorsement, I flunked. Several pastor friends who rode motorcycles came to encourage me the first time I took the test, and they watched as I knocked down cone after cone as I attempted the obstacle course with my motorcycle. Now that was embarrassing!! The test that I am talking about this weekend is given by God, and if we flunk it the consequences will be forever.

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