Because of the days are kids and grandkids were able to be here we postponed Christmas to January 2nd. The cool thing about that is that Patty and I went shopping for everyone on Friday, and there were very few people and lots of bargains, we might just start a new tradition!! As we were walking around in the “Toys R Us” store I was simply overwhelmed with all of the different toys that there were, and how was I going to ever choose the right one for each grandkid😬. I told Patty that I needed to sit down for a few minutes and rest, which I did, so I sat down in this nice recliner that they had in the store. I promptly fell asleep which I tend to do when I sit down in soft, comfortable recliners, and when I woke up I went looking for Patty, when I found her she had a shopping cart clear full of gifts for everyone of the grandkids except for the older ones which we picked up in another store after that. She seemed very pleased with her choices and explained what they were and who they were for as we checked out. I praised her for being a wonderful grandma and a super wife.

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