Christmas and Family

My favorite part and most anticipated part of Christmas for me now is seeing all our kids and Grandkids. They will all be home this year and I am so looking forward to it. It is kind of funny how things change over time in relationships. When our kids were all home I was very pro-active as a parent teaching, correcting, scolding, motivating, and then when they left to go to college and get married that role diminished more and more over the years, and now I find myself being mostly just a passive observer. I enjoy them all immensely, and am very, very proud of each one of them and who they have become in character and accomplishment, and I look forward to any and all activities that we can do together like hunting or fishing, but my influence and leadership in all of their lives now is mostly what I have through God as I faithfully pray for each of them every day.  My faith in the power that I have in my prayers for my family has grown stronger  over the years, little bit by little bit, until now I believe that my influence in their lives is greater than it has ever been.  When they are all home I will obviously see things as they interact that I will think needs some growth or change, and it will become a major point in my daily praying for them.

2 thoughts on “Christmas and Family

  1. andrea coleman

    Dear Pastor Dee, i actually got your name right?! Lol… I always want to say Duke Dee!!!! But as you read this, please keep in mind to pray for me! I always run away when it gets this deep about forgiveness and how do i ACTUALLY MOVE ON WITH SUCH A BROKEN SPIRIT! Im not trying to stay in self pity by no means. Ive been a fighter since the day i breathed oxygen. Im just now realizing ive been battling a fight i cant win on my own! I can hurt people with my hands & feet but is that how God wants me to act?! NO!!! ive become humbled enough to say , pray for me, offer me guidance?! I will obey!


  2. Bob Coulter

    Thank you for the good insight on our role as a grandfather. I’ve been feeling much of what you share but have been unable to put words to my sense of role. Thanks for articulating some truth.



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