It is almost Christmas

Christmas is historically about Jesus, God’s Son leaving heaven, emptying Himself of all that He was as God, and becoming human, flesh, just like me, born into this world after spending 9 months in Mary’s womb, and then living life experiencing everything I experience, tempted in every way that I am tempted, without sinning, and then dying for my sins so that I could be forgiven, adopted into God’s Family, and live with Him forever.

Christmas focuses on the beginning, the birth of Jesus. But the birth of Jesus is so much more than a baby being born, it is about Almighty, Infinite, All wise, Omnipresent, Eternal God becoming flesh, human, just like me. The distance that He traveled is incomprehensible, but it is not about miles, it is about who He was and who we are, and that He left one behind to become the other so that we could be like Him and live with Him forever.

Christmas is all about celebrating what He has done and what that means for us, it is about honoring Him for His amazing gift to us, it is about simply remembering what He has done, and not taking it for granted or ignoring it.

Every morning I tell Jesus that I love Him, that I will follow and obey Him, that He is Lord of my life, and that I look forward very much to the day I see Him.

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