It is almost January 1st and all serious people who want to accomplish a lot with their life ought to have their goals written or started or at the very least be thinking about. Here are a copy of my goals, and I would love it if you sent me a copy of your goals.

Dee’s Goals for 2018

1. I will continue to teach my class on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am and starting on September 30th I will teach on the book of Hebrews until April 28th, 2019.

2. I will start up my aquaponics system using catfish.

3. I will finish building the attic in my shop.

4. I will teach for the second year a “Woman’s Discipleship Class”. I will teach it on Wednesday nights from 7 to 8 pm, and will begin October 3rd and end April 24th, 2019. I will limit the class to 20 ladies.

5. I will go golfing 10 times and work hard at improving my game by being a good student of Kent as he coaches me.

6. I will develop an effective follow-up/assimilation program for JBC and I will aim to have 25% of all first time visitors as regulars.

7. I will train a number of people to help me with the “Follow-up/Assimilation” program that I develop.

8. I will lead and develop the “Home Group” ministry at
JBC. I will aim to have six new groups this year.

9. I will find and train someone to help with and then lead the “Home Group” ministry.

10. I will ride my stationary bicycle for one hour every night that I am home.

11. I will lift weights for 3 hours each week using the “Strong Lift 5X5” plan.

12. I will organize everything (tools, fishing stuff, hunting and camping stuff, car parts, bicycle stuff, building material etc.) and inventory it on my “Inventory App”.

13. I will pray with Patty every day that I am home.

14. I will take Patty on a date at least twice each
month that is enjoyable for her.

15. I will pray the JBC prayer letter each week.

16. I will ride a circular route on my bicycle, starting in the church parking lot, going to the Grand Canyon, then to Yellowstone, and then home. It will be 3,300 miles and I will ride it from May 1st to June 30th.

17. I will faithfully pray for each person that I
send an email, a text, or a written note to, when I send it.

18. I will pray for visitors to JBC twice each week
for three months, and I will correspond with them
personally at least twice during that time letting them
know that I am praying for them and requesting
needs to pray for.

19. I will pray through my prayer directory of every
person in the church every week, and keep my iPad
prayer journal current with names, pictures, and

20. I will attend an average of three corporate
prayer events at JBC each week.

21. I will pray for each of my kids, son in laws,
daughter-in-law, and grandkids every day.

22. I will pray for a list of lost people in my life every

23. I will maintain a personal prayer journal in my
IPad that I will write in at least 3 times each week.

24. I will spend at least 7 hours each week in
personal, private prayer.

25. I will pray an additional hour in my office on my kneeling bench primarily for my preaching and teaching, pastor Mike’s preaching, and our church goals.

26. I will phone my mother at least once a week, and drive up and visit 6 times during the year.

27. I will write a blog of 300 words each day, and will pray daily that at least 5,000 sign up to receive it and read it.

28. I will recruit 2 guys to lead 2 of the 6 “Men’s Accountability” groups that I presently lead.

29. I will start 3 more “Men’s Accountability” groups.

30. I will build a lean-to on the front of my shop that
will be used to park cars.

31. I will read at least 100 pages in good books
each week.

32. I will listen to at least 2 sermons on line each

33. I will faithfully memorize Bible verses for 30 minutes each day using the “Scripture Typer” program on my IPad. I will have 750 verses mastered by the end of the year and be ranked no lower than 160.

34. I will roof and enclose the back lean-to on the

35. I will rebuild the 1986 Ford 300 engine and pickup.

36. I will exert great discipline and effort to keep my
weight under 200 pounds.

37. I will read 14 chapters each day in my Bible.

38. I will attempt to establish a coaching/mentoring relationship with at least 2 different pastors “on-line”, and with one at JBC.

39. I will start another “Pastor Accountability” group from the Pastor’s Seminar in January.

40. I will learn how to do taxidermy and do a full
body mount on the cougar that I killed.

41. I will do a 3/4 “through the wall” mount of my
bear skin.

42. I will go salmon and halibut fishing in Soldotna, Alaska in July, attempting to bring a grandson, or son, or son-in-law.

43. I will go skydiving and bungie jumping in August.

44. I will faithfully, systematically, and accurately
keep track of my use of time every day.

45. I will make a weekly and a daily “to do” list and
read it several times each day.

46. I will pray for at least 40 hours in each of the
four “Five Day Prayer” events held at JBC.

47. I will attend at least two seminars that will
enhance my ministry attempting to take a least one staff person with me.

48. I will write 50 hand written notes each week to
birthday and anniversary people, new people, and
people I have prayed for.

49. I will attend the COV prayer summit at Cannon
Beach in February and the NWCBA prayer summit
at Tadmore in October.

50. I will plan, organize, promote and lead 12 pastor
accountability lunches.

51. I will prepare well and teach 4 different
leadership classes from October to the end of April.

52. I will remind, promote, and pray for our JBC goal
of 2026 in average weekend worship service
attendance by the end of the year 2026, and for 900 for 2018.

53. I will use Facebook as a tool to connect with
people and work hard to pray for any needs that I
read and write that prayer in Facebook. I will keep track of time spent and limit it to a maximum of 3 hours per week.

54. I will faithfully begin every day with a prayer of
commitment declaring Jesus as Lord of my life, and
asking for His guidance, strength, and wisdom for the day.

55. I will apply for a rifle elk hunt in Wyoming with Sam and Seth.

56. I will paint our house, repair gutters, and put on gutter guards.

57. I will work with others to get all the engineering done for a new parking lot on the new property north of the church, and begin on that project.

58. I will go tuna fishing.

59. I will sell my 1949 Ford Pickup for one million dollars, maybe less.

60. I will rebuild my 135 h.p. Johnson outboard motor.

61. I will write a 1,000 word blog each week just for pastors, and attempt to get 1,000 on the list of who receive it.

62. I will faithfully attend the prayer meeting at Corban University on Thursday mornings.

63. I will plan a week long fishing trip to the Brownlee Reservoir for family in the summer.

64. I will purchase and install a Rohloff 14 speed hub on my bicycle before May 1st.

65. I will build a 23 foot pacific dory and tow it to Alaska to fish for Halibut in July.

66. I will complete the on-line course on church marketing.

67. I will make meeting with, training, and encouraging the staff at JBC a major emphasis of my ministry.

68. I will start the project of building the XR3 Hybrid
three wheeled car, and learn how to weld in the process.

69. I will be in bed by 11:00 pm at least 5 nights a week.

70. I will read these goals at least twice each week and keep a good record of progress.




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