Someone broke into the church shop where I am building my dory boat and stole a bunch of my tools. 4 cordless drills and battery charger, a belt sander, an electric planer, and a router. I worked in the shop today on my boat and I was reminded all day long about being robbed whenever I needed one of my tools. Jesus said to pray for those who violate your rights so I did. I prayed for the person that stole my tools which are just about on the same level in worth as my grandkids, not quite, just close! I prayed that his hair would fall out, that his car would blow up, that his teeth would fall out, that his neighbors dog would bite him, that he would have bad diarrhea that would last for 6 months, and a dozen other imprecatory prayers.

It probably isn’t the best example of loving your enemy or forgiving others, but I sure felt better. Tonight I prayed to the Lord, and said, “just kidding, Lord, but You knew that”, thank you Lord Jesus for forgiving me of everything wrong that I have ever done, I choose to forgive others as You have forgiven me, though I wouldn’t mind if You smacked the guy, a good one, just kidding šŸ˜–

2 thoughts on “Stealing

  1. Bob Kill

    P.S. I despise thieves, I think we should use them as human torches like the Romans use to do to the Christians. Sorry for all my compassion !!! Bob

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