The Trials of Life

If you and I had recorded every trial, crisis, and inconvenience that we have ever experienced, and then we were to rank them from the worst to the least what would be the basis of that ranking, that hierarchy of tribulations in our life. Money lost, physical pain experienced, emotional pain experienced, loss of relationships, or just the blocking of a dream. Some people cry, moan, groan, and carry on about a trial that I think is not that big a deal, and I suppose that I do the same.

A major trial that will ruin my day and even my week, and quite possibly even a whole year is a band of golfers and/or moles making my yard and orchard look like a war zone. Those rascals are a direct result of Adam eating the forbidden fruit, “The Fall”, and the curse on the whole earth as a result. During our “Five Day’s of Prayer” a week ago there was 4 or 5 new mounds of dirt each day, mounds so big that I couldn’t jump over them, though I don’t jump very high, and I had thought that maybe if God really loved me he would not let those critters do that to my yard, especially while I was praying for 8 hours each day. Oh well, maybe God is trying to test my character.

I got out my trusty traps and started up my trap line for gophers and moles. I caught one this morning, and I thought about skinning it, tanning the hide, and putting it on the wall of my office for all to see.

Sounds kind of silly talking about gopher and mole mounds in my yard as a trial doesn’t it. I bet when we get to heaven and look back on our life from heavens perspective, all of our fussing will seem silly.

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