A Great Adventure

We had the third of five performances of “The Hobbit” tonight at Jefferson Baptist Church, and it was amazing. The acting, the special affects, and the stage were all so good. “The Hobbit” was written as an allegory of a life lived by any person, showing the trials and struggles of our lives that ought to be conquered, and life lived as an adventure. Bilbo Baggins wants only to eat 6 times a day and take a nap, and he gets recruited to go on an adventure, a great adventure, which is really one adventure after another. As an allegory the story is supposed to illustrate life, and right at the start the illustration was right on. People as a whole really just want to live life secure, predictable, and comfortable, let’s just skip the adventures and trials. In choosing what we do through out the day we naturally choose low risk. The problem is low risk causes very little grown in our character, low risk results in very little fruit or accomplishment, and low risk is just plain old boring. Most of us aren’t probably going to have a wizard recruit us to go on a great adventure so we need to plan one for ourselves. The best way to do that is to start with a goal to do something or accomplish something that requires taking a risk or is really hard compared to your normal routine. Run a marathon, climb a mountain, write a book , or take piano lessons. Our life is so much more alive when we get out of our ruts.

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