Managing Time

This week, Monday through Friday was JBC’s “Five Days of Prayer”, and I have been praying in the prayer room with about 20 other people, usually a different 20 each hour,  for 8 hours each day.  It has been a very rich time for me, not only the praying but the time with so many different people praying. There is something about praying together that is especially bonding.

But during this five days I still have my normal disciplines and responsibilities to get done so time gets very tight. I regularly say, “anybody can do just about anything for just five days”. So I sleep less, walk faster, work faster, cut short times of doing nothing but relaxing, reduce chit chat times, cut out “honey do’s” 🙂 and read my “to do list” often to stay on task.

Now I wouldn’t want to live like this all the time, but occasionally it is a good exercise of learning how to get more done in the same time, or in this case the same done in less time. I have often said when teaching on “Time Management” that we aren’t managing time, we are managing ourselves.

Self-leadership is a learned skill, and self-control is a character trait which work together. Periodic times in our life where there is an marked increase in pressure because of an added event, an unexpected emergency, or other people needing our attention, are good times to practice self-leadership and self-control. They don’t last forever, usually a week or so, and then back to normal so pretend that the high pressure week is a visit to the gym where you are sweating and doubling your heart rate so that you will be healthier.

2 thoughts on “Managing Time

  1. Mike Silva

    Excellent Dee. Like I’ve said before… I don’t follow lukewarm, mediocre or status quo.
    That’s why I love drafting in behind you.
    Great job Rabbi.



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