A New Body

As I get older and my body gets more aches and pains, as I deal with the issues of my Parkinson’s, and also every 8 hours managing my none functioning bladder I think more and more about my new body that I will receive from God because of my position “child of God” received and secured by my faith in the gospel. The Bible says that I will have a body like Jesus’s.

If I had a trip planned to Hawaii in 20 years I wouldn’t think about it much because it is to far away to get excited about. 69 years of age is not really old, but it is close, and the number of people who die at 69 is way more than 59 and in 10 short years I will be almost 80 years old, well past the age that my father died at.

So I think often now about what my new body is going to be able to do, like run, walk, fly?. How strong will I be? How smart will I be? How well will I be able to see, and hear? What will I know? Will I eat? Why will I eat if I do?

What will I be doing? I am eternal, that is a long time. Will I grow? Will I get smarter? How many people will I know? Will I make new friends? Will we play poker?

I think about my new body often now, and that thinking makes me happy, so I think about it even more because I like being happy.

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