Thursday’s are good days. I get up at 5 am, shower, shave, and brush my teeth and head off to Shari’s in South Salem for an accountability meeting with about 5 other guys at 6 am. On the drive in I pray for my kids and their spouses and all the grandkids, my Mom, and Patty, which is 30 people. It takes me 20 minutes to get to Shari’s from my house so I have to pray succinctly and quickly to get every one covered. During our meeting I usually eat an omelette and give the hash browns and pancakes to another one of the guys. During the hour meeting I also drink about 3 cups of coffee which tastes really good. We each take turns sharing how we did the previous week on our personal goals, which includes Bible reading, personal prayer and praying with our wives and 9 other goals. Most of the time everyone does well on their goals, not perfect usually but progressing. We don’t usually get on each other’s case to bad if someone doesn’t do well on their goals, it is bad enough just confessing a bad week to the guys, nobody likes to look like a wimp to his friends so we all are motivated during the week to be disciplined and faithful to our goals and commitments. I enjoy very much the sharing of our goals and the general conversation that we have each week when we meet, it is more than worth the drive into Salem each week.

I also have an accountability group on Thursday evenings at 6 pm with a different group of guys, and it is good as well. Everyone writes their own dozen goals to pursue and give a report on. Some have weight loss goals, some have dating their wives goal, we all have spiritual goals. I am of the opinion that anybody that is serious about growing rapidly spiritually ought to be in one of these kinds of groups. God gives us grace through others.

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