I love fishing

I went fishing today on the Alsea River with some friends from JBC, and we all caught a chinook salmon like this one. We got 4 in the boat and lost another 4. The sun was shining, the fellowship was awesome, I had a 2 quart thermos full of coffee, a bag full of snacks, yep it was a good day! But tomorrow might be the worst day of my life, you just never know. A guy does the best he can to plan and prepare so that life goes good, but what we can actually control is pretty small. But I have already decided how I am going to talk and how I am going act if it is the worst day of my life, I can control that, I can decide that. There are a number of words that I can think of that would describe right thinking and acting in spite of life. I have been using the words strong and weak up to this point to describe those who rise above events by choice and those who let life control their attitude, words and behavior, but I am going to change that to a “wise person” or a “fool”. A wise person knows how to talk, act, respond and treat people when life around them becomes the worst day of their life, a fool simple responds as a victim. A wise person gives strength, peace and confidence to those around them, but a fool feeds confusion and despair. The most important thing is that a person filled with wisdom attracts people to their savior, Jesus Christ, but a fool doesn’t attract people to anything. A wise person is admired and becomes a model, but a fool is just laughable and pitied. The interesting thing about these two words is that they have nothing to do with intelligence, with I.Q. , but they have everything to do with trusting God and knowing His Word, and having His Power.

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