Grumbling, complaining, blaming, criticizing…

It is a fact that the more grumbling we do about life the less joy we will have. Grumbling has zero positive elements about it. It doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t make anything better, it doesn’t attract sympathy or support or encouragement, it doesn’t attract friends, it doesn’t make us feel better, and it certainly doesn’t foster creative problem solving. Those who grumble destroy their own joy, relationships, future, finances, and health.

The problem is that grumbling is an easily acquired habit that we pick up from those around us. Grumbling has become the national pastime, and almost everyone does it, because almost everyone does it. We tend to do what those around us do without thinking about the benefits or consequences of such conformity.

When I was a kid we had a telephone that 10 families in our area shared so you couldn’t talk long because someone else would be needing it. We got a newspaper once a week that was full of farming information, news on the front page, and a page of sports scores on the back. We got 3 television stations from Portland and we had to cLimb up the tree in the back yard and turn the antenna depending on what station we wanted to watch. We watched the news right before evening milking at 5 pm for 30 minutes, cows were waiting.

Life is so much different now with an endless supply of information about everything under the sun, most of it majoring on the negative. Choosing to be a positive, happy person takes some work now.

Every morning I give my life to the Lord, I commit to Him that I will not grumble or complain about anything, that I will rejoice always, that I will choose to be happy, and I ask Him for the strength to do it. So many people think that their circumstances are controlling their life, they aren’t, our response to our circumstances controls our life.

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