Life has interruptions. One of the things that needs to be learned is how to respond and deal with them without stressing out. An interruption is a surprise in that it wasn’t on your to do list or your calendar, it just jumps into your life with no warning or introduction. Most of the time there is no option of ignoring it or making it go away. Often when an interruption is responded to with wisdom, patience, and trust it results in some experiences that are wonderful. My brother in law, Mike Bowers died unexpectantly this last week and Patty and I and our daughter Sandee flew down for the funeral service. We are on the airplane flight home from Santa Rosa as I write this. This was definitely an interruption and 3 days were cut out of my week that I had planned for work. But I had 3 days with family most of whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and because of the pain they were going through our time together was intense, eccelerated in that so many emotions were felt together that amplified the experiences and time together and definitely will make it clearly remembered and intimate. Interruptions almost always end up being a good thing if looked at and responded to as if God really is in control and really does know what He is doing. Interruptions tend to make the most important things float to the top.

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