In the last couple of days I got to telling stories about different hunting trips we have been on with our kids over the years, the number of times and hours they tromped around in the woods with me even when they were really young. Tonight we got to talking sports and our kids and I began to recall the number of games we went to all the way until they were finished with college. Add to that homework, work days, other family trips, school activities, and just living together, there was a huge number of hours invested in the lives of these 8 kids until they got married, and a huge amount of money. But even with the cost in time and money the years of our life when they were home and part of our life was easily the most enjoyable years of my life. I am sure that God wired us up in such a way that our kids are a major fulfillment of our personal sense of mission, and thus fill us with a great sense of personal satisfaction of having done something that matters. One of the things that I am looking forward to in heaven is being able to remember all the events, and stories, and details,of all those years and trips and games that I have forgotten now. We sit around and reminisce now about the years gone by, and none of us, kids included can remember even a fraction of all that did happen, I am thinking that the reminiscing that we do in heaven is going to be really specIal with total recall and a divine perspective.

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