God admonishes and commands us to be devoted to prayer. Why? He desires our fellowship, conversation, intimacy, because He loves us. He is willing to bless us if we give Him time in prayer. In the gospel of John Jesus expresses His strongest of desires to God the father when He prays and says, “I desire that they be with me”, speaking of us. It is a mystery, but God enjoys our company. God invented prayer not as a powerful way to get things done, He is God, all powerful, and all wise, and He doesn’t need us to accomplish His will, He doesn’t need our permission to do anything. He invented prayer as a way of getting us to spend some time with Him. It is sad that we are to busy with life to spend a little time with the one who gave us life.

This next week is our “Five Days of Prayer”, and I plan on being there for at least 30. This is not because it is a religious duty, but because I am choosing to honor my God and my Savior by giving Him time. At the end of the week I will have experienced amazing peace, joy, and the level of inner strength will have grown significantly because I chose to hang out with God. This is not a super saint thing, it is just a loving God thing.

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