Wow!! yikes!! It is September!!!!

September 1st is a date that I have used for years as a point of consolidation of my remaining goals for the year. I go over my goals, mark off the ones done and prioritize the ones left, decide which ones won’t get done and decide whether to drop them or roll them into the next year. As I started that today I realized that I have fewer goals marked off as done from my original list way back at January 1st than I have ever had before!! How can that be!!?? Did I make my goals to hard, was I especially lazy this year, am I getting old and tired, am I getting old and unmotivated, was I sick, did my wife take to much of my time, was it global warming?? I have been thinking about it all day, and for the life of me I can’t come up with a reason, it is a mystery. I think probably it was all of the above except maybe global warming.

I remember talking to a family member once about their goals, and they told me they hadn’t set any because they didn’t get many done the year before and it caused to much guilt, and feelings of inadequacy, of being a loser. As I thought about it, I realized, I don’t feel guilty, inadequate, like a loser, I feel good, it has been a great year! So why do I feel like a winner when there are so many unfinished goals on my list? Because I have used goals so much in my life for so long I recognize that goals are a tool to help motivate, prioritize, and to create focus, and they are not meant to be a task master, just a goal. As I reviewed this past 8 months I recognized that I have had a lot of fun, I have actually accomplished quite a bit of ministry, I have had some wonderful times with family and friends, I feel like I have grown in character and in my relationship with my Lord, and I caught a lot of fish! How can that not be a good year!!

Every year since I was 16 I have made my total number of goals my age, therefor I have increased by one each year the number of goals that I write and pursue, so this year I had 68 goals and next year was supposed to be 69, but I decided today to change that system. This year we had our 48th wedding anniversary so I am going to make 48 goals. I think that will be about right, and if I come up way short again I will use my grandson Jame’s age!! Life is good!!

2 thoughts on “Wow!! yikes!! It is September!!!!

  1. cminister111

    You did not mention whether the goals that did not get done really needed to be done.
    If goals are part of my attempting to write down the will of God in my life (and I do believe that they are) then if I do not accomplish them either they were not and I did not need them or they are and I did not accomplish God’s will in that particular case.


  2. deefduke Post author

    I always begin with that assumption but things clear up a bit as I move ahead and details unfold. One of my goals was to go to Sierre Leone and Liberia, West Africa and teach pastors. That has been such a rewarding ministry I just didn’t want to give it up and was confident that I could tough out the physical consequences that resulted because of the Parkinson’s. Halfway way through this bicycle trip I realized that I felt really good, but based on previous experience I knew that was going to be lost in October as a Result of 48 hours of airplane flying. So I made a phone call and changed course, not casually



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