Hunting Season

we raised 8 kids and one of our parenting tools was camping, hunting trips, and fishing trips, so this time of year was our favorite. Our daughter Shelly shot her first Caribou with her husband Philip, and by the way she is pregnant with their 6th child, and living in Alaska they will all probably be hunters, fishers, and campers. Patty and I went with the whole family and camped on the Yukon River on a Moose hunting trip last year. In the other picture is our son Sam with a buck he shot with his bow in the Steens Mountains, one of our favorite places over the last 35 years to take our kids hunting and camping. He shot his buck in the bottom of Kiger Gorge and took his 3 kids down with him to help haul it out.

The key reason that we used these kinds of activities to help raise strong kids is because there are always lots of challenges and problems to solve. They learned how to do that without worrying, fretting, complaining, or thinking it was just to hard. Life is hard, it is supposed to be hard, life has problems and crisis, it is supposed to have problems and crisis, God made life like that so we would grow in character and become strong. But any person can short circuit God’s plans by grumbling, complaining, blaming, and feeling sorry for themselves, then they don’t grow in character or become strong, just the opposite.

3 thoughts on “Hunting Season

  1. Dee Brandt

    You say “God likes difficult”, and I am trying to reconcile that in my mind with Jesus’ declaration: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30, Any advice?



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