Next Year’s Bicycle trip

whenever I finish something I start thinking how to make it better, and John and I are already planning next years bicycle trip. We will follow the route sanctioned by “Adventure Cycling” called “The Trans-America Route”. We will fly back East and start on that side and work ourselves home. It just seems so much more motivational to everyday be headed home. It looks like we will do the first half of the trip un-supported, that is we won’t have a car traveling with us carrying our gear and our wives cooking our meals for us. Everything will be on our bikes in panniers, tent, sleeping bag, food, stove, cloths, and spare bike parts. John is thinking of buying a trailer to pull behind his bike. The ladies will probably join us about half way across somewhere in Kansas.

Planning the future is an ability and it is a gift given to us by God Himself. As humans created by God in His image we spend quite a lot of time thinking about the future. We mostly just hope when we think about what we would like to have happen, but part of the Power given to us by God is to think, ponder, plan, organize, and set goals,As we think about the future God has given us the power to grow in the skill of planning so that we grow in our ability to shape the future days with greater and greater certainty. For sure we only control and influence to the degree that God gives the power and freedom l but He does, and we need to become good stewards of this gift by becoming skilled planners, organizers, and doers.

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