Last Day coming up

This is the last pass to go over for us. We started just South of Madras at a KOA Campground at 6:30 am and road 62 miles, and about 5 miles from our camp at Lost Lake we hit this summit and then it was downhill to camp. It was very smoky all day and my mouth and throat got very dry and I stopped often and took a drink. Tomorrow we ride 82 miles but it will be basically downhill all day. We are camped at about 4,000 feet elevation and our house is about 80 feet above sea level so 3200 feet down, with a few short uphill rollers. It was a good day of riding today except for the smoke. The one major uphill up and over Santiam Pass wasn’t super steep and was only about 7 miles long and the rest of the day was gentle rolling and flat with great scenery and not bad on the traffic. I am looking forward to getting back to Pastoring at JBC, and have got lots of lessons done for my upcoming “Ladies Discipleship Class”, and the series I am going to do on Daniel, Isaiah, and Ezekiel and the “Kingdom of God” Sunday mornings at 8 am.

3 thoughts on “Last Day coming up

  1. MarvDonna

    Welcome home! We sorely missed you, but loved following your month-long adventure! Can’t wait to hear what a God put into your heart during your long hours of seat-time!



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