Bike Day 26 – Rest Day

We take Sundays off from riding our bicycles, and rest up. We kicked around not taking it off because we are only two bike days from home, but we wanted to go to church, and I was TIRED and desperately needed a day off to recuperate. So right now we are sitting around in lawn chairs, sleeping. Reading, doing blogs, thinking about swimming in the heated pool, thinking about eating some more, but not motivated enough to get out of our chairs. We are at a KOA outside of Culver about 10 miles South of Madras. Tomorrow we will take some back roads and go around Redmond and Sisters and camp at Lost Lake after a very big climb up and over Santiam Pass, and then Tuesday we will have an all downhill ride of 82 miles to our house!! We went to church today in Madras at Cornerstone Baptist Church where my son-in-law, Mike Hatfield’s Father preached. It was a great service and was a great part of our rest day.

It is about now that I start thinking about the next ride, when it will be, where it will be and what we could do different to make it better. John already has the next trip all planned. We will start in Yorktown, Virginia and bike home. The reason we are starting on the East Coast on this trip is to eliminate the pressure of getting finished in time to catch an airplane that we have already bought the ticket for. On the last two trips across the USA we were dropping rest days in order to not miss our flight. We also are going to go earlier than this year, in the Spring because after doing it both ways, biking in the cooler weather with periodic rain is better than biking in the heat. When it is cool or raining you can always add cloths, but when it gets over 90 degrees there are only so many cloths you can take off before you stop traffic!!

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