Day 26 – near wreck on my bicycle

I have a side view mirror on my bicycle. I like it because I can see a lot behind me with it. In the two pictures you have the normal view and the view after a pickup nicked it as he drove by me. The nick was light enough that I didn’t even wobble but it knocked my mirror around so it was pointing forward. I am sure he didn’t even realize that he had hit me because I barely realized it. It was my fault. I had put a different pair of biking shoes on because my feet were hurting and they didn’t clip in the pedals right, and we had started out from a rest break and I was looking down trying to get the shoes to lock in and wandered a bit out of the shoulder into the traffic on Hwy 97 outside of Madras. I got back where I belonged quick. Nothing like an experience like that to motivate you to pay attention.

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