2nd Day Bicycling

We started bicycling this morning from Champoeg Park where we had camped overnight.  We left at 6 am to try and beat some of the heat again as we did the day before.  It was fairly comfortable until about 11 am and then we went onto the Banks-Vernonia  bike trail.. It was a super nice trail. It was all paved and not much bike traffic and it was almost all in the shade, in fact its was like going through a tunnel of trees so we didn’t really have any problem with the heat.  We averaged a little over 11 miles per hour which was a little slower than the day before but we had some uphill riding today that slowed us down. We rode almost exactly 60 miles and we were finished and at camp by 1 pm.  Tomorrow we are riding  70 miles and the temperature should be less as we get closer to the coast. Tomorrow we will be camping a few miles south of Astoria.

When I got on my bike this morning I was instantly aware that I had rode 44 miles the day before. I was really sore in my leg muscles and my rear end was super sore. I am hoping that tomorrow is better. We will see!

Today we had a lady passing us in a car yell at us that we were fools for riding in this heat. That is a regular comment as we ride our bikes.  The question is “Why”?  Doing something difficult and challenging is one of the things that I really enjoy.  It is sort of a funny thing to think about because I can’t really explain the attraction to these kinds of events that I have. My only explanation is that God made me that way because he knows that produces rapid character growth. I really think He made everybody that way but many have bured the desire.

I am looking forward to some major adventures tomorrow.

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