Day one on Bicycle trip around Oregon

August 1st John Smith, Doug Sheets, and I started on our 30 day bicycle trip around the State of Oregon. We started at 6 am to beat the heat, and it was cool enough that I needed to wear a long sleeved wool shirt to start with. Our destination was the State Park and Campground Champoeg. It was just 44 miles with very few hills and no headwind until the last hour. We were in camp by 11 am before it got really hot. It was a great first day to get in shape a bit before some of the long days with lots of miles and hills. Tomorrow it is supposed to be hotter and we will ride 60 miles and climb some pretty steep hills as we head for the City Campground in Vernonia. A cool thing about tomorrow is about half the miles are on a bike trail much of which was a railroad track and the rails were removed and it was paved for a bike trail, no cars and trucks to worry about.

Several weeks ago I bought a little speaker system that fits in my bicycle helmet that Bluetooth connects with my IPhone. I bought several really good books on Amazon in Audio and downloaded them to my phone so I can listen to the reading of the book while I am riding. I don't like ear buds in my ears while I am riding because I like to be able to hear the traffic around me and what is coming up behind me. With this speaker system I can hear the traffic and the audio from my phone at the same time. The book I am listening to is called "Renovations of the Heart" by Dallas Willard who is my favorite all time author. The book is basically about how to cooperate with God as He works in our life to grow in character to become like Jesus in character

Probably the biggest mystery of life to most Christ Followers is what is the purpose of life. The purpose as Believers is to become like Jesus so that when we join Him for all eternity we will be like Him so that we will enjoy our fellowship with Him , and He enjoy His time with us. Some grow rapidly and some do not grow at all, because they don't know how to grow and they are not motivated to grow, because they don't think it will make that much difference in eternity. I want a lot of things in life, but nothing comes close to the desire I have to grow as much as I can in the time I have left.

1 thought on “Day one on Bicycle trip around Oregon

  1. benhickenlooper

    Thanks for your blog. Dallas Willard is a great writer. I remember when we read ‘The Spirit of the Disciplines” in accountability group and I had to read each chapter twice to figure out what he was saying. Deep stuff and worth the effort. I am praying for you guys on your trip.



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