I am right

One of my personal mission statements is, “Never stop learning”. In order to be a life long learner, one that learns much, not a little, you have to have some clear guidelines that counteract the natural pull of our flesh. We are hard wired to survive and many things that we do are a result of this natural bent to survival. One of the major things we do to survive is to always be right. Our brains are hardwired for self-preservation—we are constantly seeking to protect not only our physical well-being but our ego as well.  The issue isn’t “being right” but rather “wanting to be right” and “fighting to be right” and “proving we are right.” People who are always wanting to be right cannot learn. A requirement for rapid learning is humility in regards to what I already know. So a guideline that I am working hard to implement in my life is “in any conversation about anything, with anybody don’t argue, or debate, not even a little bit. In college,there was a group,of us who would sit and argue, debate, and discuss passionately our various theological bents, opinions, and ideas. I learned how to hold my own in the most heated discussions and in the process cemented an attitude that would guarantee that I would not learn much the rest of my life. So it has not been an easy change to make on my part. The key motivatIon has been regularly reciting my mission statement, “Never Stop Learning”.

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