To be naive is to be a person who doesn’t think enough. A naive person is low on the character trait of curiosity. A naive person prefers not knowing because knowing information might disappoint, or cause fear and anxiety, or cause sadness.  A naive person prefers not thinking about the future, because the future might be painful, or depressing. A naive person believes they have no influence or control over the future so it is better to just hope for the best instead of trying to change anything or possibly make the future better. 

Choosing to be naive is a self protective move. It doesn’t really protect but it does take away much anxiety. In our day when everything is changing as rapidly as it is the future  is scary and intimidating, so naive people choose to not think about the future, or plan for it, or try to change it. Our life after we die will be really, really good or it will be really, really bad. Because it is forever it is not very wise to ignore thinking about our eternal destiny or not thinking seriously about how to make it much better. 

I ponder about my future every day. We were created by God as teleological beings, because He is, that is we can think about the future, we can plan for the future, and we can change our future. I want a very joy filled, rewarding, positive, and productive future, so I am making choices that will make those dreams reality. 

My greatest desire in life now is to somehow be a strong influence in the lives of many people so that they will move away from being naive, to becoming a genuine seeker of answers, always wanting to know more and more, and influencing them to be a genuine seeker for Jesus. God says that if we seek Him, we will find Him, He will see to it. 

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