Shad Fishing

I went Shad fishing today on the Colombia River with both my sons, Sam and Seth, my son-in-law, Aaron from Hawaii married to our youngest daughter Sally, and my 12 year old grandson Isaac. We caught 300 Shad in 8 hours of fishing. Isaac caught 72 of them, and he was one happy and excited fisherman. I had a wonderful time today, not as much from the fishing, and I love fishing, but because of spending time with my family watching them have fun. As I watched today, I repeatedly said to myself, I am an incredibly blessed man. Then I would pray,”thank You Lord for blessing me with such an amazing family”.  Thank You, thank You, thank You!!

My Dad was a really good fisherman, and some of my best memories of my Dad are fishing with him. My favorites are when we would go fish at a place where there were others fishing, but nobody was catching fish, and then we would start fishing and Dad would catch fish, then he would share with me why he was catching fish when nobody else was, and then I would catch fish as well. Wow, a  skill like that made a kid feel special. Dad would say “fishing is a skill” and it is usually just a couple of very little,things that make all the difference in the world between catching and just fishing. 

Life is like that. The difference between hugely successful and mediocre is often just a couple of little, simple, and easy things done repeatedly until they become a habit and a skill. “Success is usually the result of a few simple, easy, little things done faithfully, repeatedly, and for a long time”. That little statement is one of my written down philosophies of life. 

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