The word success is a good word. It is a word that is in the Bible. It is a word that we would like to describe us, at least I would. To be successful means that we are accomplishing the work God gave us to do. It means we are bearing much fruit. It means we are doing something that matters, really matters, that is making a difference in the lives of people, lots of people. What does it take to be really successful? It doesn’t take above average intelligence, a good  education, a charming personality, or great gifts, abilities or talents. 

Success is simple, it is basic, and it is not hard to do the things that bring success. But very few people are successful. Why? Successful people do a number of little, simple, easy, disciplines almost everyday for a long time. A penny doubled everyday for 31 days ends up being over 10 million dollars. An easy discipline like reading the Bible 15 minutes a day, spending 15 minutes devoted time in prayer with God every day, reading 10 pages everyday in a good book, examining my life and confessing all known sin to God everyday, declaring Jesus as Lord of your life everyday, telling your wife that you love her 5 times everyday, and spending 15 minutes in hard exercise everyday. 

As I said very few do these disciplines faithfully over time, but they guarantee a fulfilled life so why don’t more do them. (1) They are easy to do, but they are also easy to not do. (2) Not much happens at the start, you have to be faithful over time, and most want instant success or they won’t try. (3) The individual disciplines don’t seem like that big of a deal that they will bring success, they are so easy to dismiss as not very important. 

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