The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Worldliness is a killer of a disease. It doesn’t kill you physically, but it does a lot of damage to our character, our accomplishments for God, our relationship to God, our joy level, and on the list goes. Just for fun I have made a list of 44 negative results of Worldliness in our life, but that is for another blog, or two. One of the ways to proactively reduce worldliness in our lives is to constantly work at simplifying our life. Paul told Timothy his disciple, in 2 Timothy 2:3,  “No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life”.  Getting unentangled from the stuff and the demands of everyday life is not very easy and will require great discipline.

The pursuit of a simple, unentangled life as a way of life, will require constant discipline and vigilance because of the pull of our culture, the nature of our flesh, and the goal of the devil.  It will also require some significant time of reflection about why we do what we do, buy what we buy, and go where we go. When we first think about pursuing the “simple life” it doesn’t seem that hard, but it will be so difficult that most won’t even start and most who do start will give up the pursuit of less.

When I am on a long bicycle trip with everything I need in the panniers that I am carrying on the bicycle I think about the simple life a lot. I acknowledge the fact that I am perfectly happy with a bicycle and 70 lbs of stuff to my name. Of course there are some added needs that come into play as family and ministry are factored in, but the point is that it really does take way less than we are accustomed to owning to be happy and functional.

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