Spiritual Adultry

God created us to worship Him, to fellowship with Him, and to love Him. If anything comes into our lives we worship, desire, and love more than God we are practicing Idolatry, the worst sin in the Bible.  In the book of Revelation idolatry is called “Spiritual Adultery”, and is seen as the primary reason for God’s wrath and His judgment that comes into the world and our lives.  The term that would describe most of us today is “Worldliness”, that is we love the world, the stuff that is in the world, and we worship the world and the money and all that it can do for us to give us security and happiness.   In the Gospel of JOHN it says, “You cannot  serve God and love the world at the same time, it is impossible. My strongest desire in life is to serve the Lord well and to do His work with great success. I know that the greatest barrier to accomplishing this life desire is all the stuff everywhere around me that I can subtly believe is the source of my security and happiness. I want to conquer this spiritual sickness as I would any disease. In the Bible there are what the early church fathers called “the disciplines” . They are called disciplines because we have to discipline or train ourselves to practice them faithfully, they aren’t fun or natural to our flesh. These disciplines are the tools that we use to grow in Christ like character. A key discipline is reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on the Bible, and another is prayer. We can’t grow without faithfully practicing these basic disciplines. A key discipline to conquering the disease of worldliness is “Giving”. That is we give some of our hard earned money to the work of the Lord. A couple of things that make this discipline very powerful and effective in killing “worldliness” in us is to give sacrificially, that is we give beyond what is easy or comfortable. Another is we give systematically, it is a regular part of our life not an occasional jump into the deep end of the pool. And a major important aspect of our giving is that we give “cheerfully” because we are giving to the Lord as an expression of our love for Him because of all that He has done for us. 

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