Chicken Killer

Patty has this obsession with her chickens. She talks about them like another set of grandchildren. Whenever we go out to eat she gets a little box for everybody’s left over food to go in, and if someone asks if she is bringing it home for a snack later or for Seth, Patty says “no, it is for my chickens”.  So, we have a major crisis at our house!! Something has killed and eaten 3 of her chickens. I set up a “live animal trap” with the remains of one of the chickens inside the trap to lure the killer in.  Tomorrow I will set up the 2 trail  cameras that we have. They are activated by motion to take a picture of whatever walked in front of it, so we will be able to see what the culprit looks like.  If another chicken gets killed and the trap doesn’t catch anything I may be asked to parole the chicken yard with my Savage .17 HMR and new scope!! 

When I was a kid I heard a preacher teaching  and explaining the book of 1 Peter and when he got to the verse that says, “the devil is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour”, he said that verse reminded him of the big dog that was killing his chickens. One of the titles for the devil is “the devourer”, and also the one who “destroys”.  He doesn’t kill us like a chicken, but he does all he can to make us miserable, to get us to sin, to get us to destroy ourselves with our dumb choices. The biggest advantage the devil has over us is that we can’t take a picture of him with a trail cam, we can’t shoot him with our rifle, and we can’t even see him coming so we can prepare ourselves. 

The Bible says that if we resist him, firm in our faith that he will flee from us. We resist him by praying and asking God to beat him up, by reading the Bible and trusting the promises in it. One of the most powerful weapons against the devil and his demons is corporate prayer, that is the church praying together. The church has “authority” as the “Body of Christ”, and we exercise that authority when gathered together, when we are unified and agree, and when we pray. We will trample Satan under our feet. 

I am pretty sure that tomorrow I will be writing about the raccoon that “was”. 

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