In Trouble with Patty

On Thursday a friend and I did some last minute planning and decided to leave at 4 am Friday morning and drive 4 hours to Eastern Oregon and go Sage Rat hunting, and then drive back that evening getting home around Midnight. It would be a long day but worth it if we got to do some shooting with our .17 HMR’s at those ground squirrels that tear up the hay fields of the ranchers back there.  I had sighted in my gun with a new scope that Inhad just purchased that went up to 20X and I was hitting a 2 inch bullseye at 200 yards just about every shot.  I couldn’t wait to get over there and do some shooting. We had a great day, and we headed home. We didn’t have cell reception where we were so I had turned the phone off and put it away. About at Sisters on the way home I turned it on and saw that I had a voice mail from Patty so I listened to it. I could tell right off that I was in trouble. We had left at 4 am when everybody was still asleep, and I thought I had told Patty what I was doing but evidently I had forgotten, so she was frantically trying to figure out where I was. My friend had picked me up so my car was still there, my toothbrush was still there, but she couldn’t find me. Someone went out and looked on the back side of the shed I was building to see if I had fallen off the roof and was laying dead over there. So I called and I had a tense conversation with Patty that consisted of 4 word sentences from her. I considered stopping and buying some flowers but it was so late by then I didn’t think any place would be open. So when I got home I did what any intelligent husband would do, I confessed my total thoughtlessness, groveled, begged for forgiveness, begged for mercy, and promised I would never do it again. Patty was so relieved that I hadn’t gotten run over by the train that goes by our place that she had a hard time being upset for very long, and we hugged and I told her about my wonderful day. As I was telling her about the day I realized I hadn’t told her about that very nice scope that I had bought! Oops! 

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