It was such a nice sunny day today I decided to paint my shed that I just built. The first thing that I did was drop the can of paint, and got paint everywhere. At that point there was a huge urge in my mind to say a word like “shucks” very loud, with an unmistakable tone of disgust and anger. I have made a commitment to the Lord that I will not say anything as an expression of anger, or frustration when an event like this happens, not even “shucks”. I remake this commitment every morning to the Lord, and I ask Him for the self-control and help to keep the commitment that I have made. I started with this particular daily commitment about 2 months ago, and I have had one day since starting where I have been 100% successful, but I am getting better at controlling what comes out of my mouth. The reason for this goal of becoming totally in control of my mouth and not to say anything in anger is so I can exercise the same self control when I am with people. I want to build people up and never tear them down.. our words have supernatural power to build and create, or to tear down and discourage people that we talk to.

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