Healthy Mind

I have become very interested in developing my mind, making it strong, being able to think clearly, think with wisdom, understand people, understand me, understand life, understand God more, and solve problems. A major motive is to be able to communicate clearly, teach the Word of God accurately,  walk with God intimately,  and also to avoid any level of senility as I get older. I have been reading books about the mind, both Christian and secular, both from the mind perspective and the Brain perspective. A key book has been the book of Proverbs in the Bible which the author Solomon states as the goal of the book being wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. 

A key to a healthy mind is use it, stretch it, and feed it. One of my “goal setting motto’s ” over the years has been every year to “learn something I have never learned before”, with the emphasis being on learning a skill, “do something I have never done before”,  and” go someplace I have never been before”. As I have been learning and thinking about brain health I realized that this goal was a key to a mind that was open, inquisitive, and intelligent, which is certainly what I want. A key part of our thinking and our communicating is the totality of our experiences. If a person is born in a house and never leaves that house and does only what can be done in that house they will have a severely limited ability to think, relate to others, understand others, and communicate clearly to others.  

So, bottom line, choose to leave the house, get out of the rut, do something new, learn something new, get a new hobby, take a risk.  I can do this, You can as well.

1 thought on “Healthy Mind

  1. Diane Heitmeyer

    Thank you. By your definition my daughter with an intellectual disability has a very open, inquisitive and learning mind. She inspires me. I wonder how much of her disability is due to the damage done before she was born, the damage others have inflicted upon her, or how much is due to her own choices. I wonder too just how much God has healed her. It has been a lot.



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