Gonzaga Loses

College basketball is over for another season. We had about 8 guys st our house tonight watching the championship game between North Carolina and Gonzaga. We had tons of food, with 80 chicken wings, pizza, fried chicken, a cooler full of pop, chips, and more. I think everyone was rooting for Gonzaga so there wasn’t some of the bantering that takes place when some are on both sides. One of the obvious life observations is “winning is great and losing is awful”. I felt sad for the losers who worked hard all season to end up just short of their dream, especially the seniors, but that is life. It is interesting how losing affects people and their futures. For some losing is so painful that they never attempt to win at anything again, they just coast and never really accomplish much with their life. Many in this state will declare that they are just trusting the Lord, and whatever happens is good enough for them. 

Others seem to use losing as a motivation to try harder, aim higher, and the pain doesn’t seem to make them reluctant to take another shot at it with the possibly of loosing again. Loosing makes cowards of many, and if that is to strong a word they are at least timid of aspiring to greatness again. I often wonder about this particular bent in people  and think about ways of helping, motivating, coaching people who are timid into becoming dreamers, goal setters, champions in life. I will keep working on that one. 

2 thoughts on “Gonzaga Loses

  1. Mike Silva

    Thank you Dee. This really resonates with me because I feel I have many “loses” in life. You are a great motivator and example in my life. In fact, being coached by you has been a HUGE WIN for me. Thank you.



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