How do you get into heaven?

I was involved for a little bit today with a group asking people on the street “How do you get to heaven?” There were lots of different answers from people on what they thought. It didn’t appear that most were very concerned about whether their answers were right or not. It seems odd to me that the immeasurable, incomprehensible consequences of being wrong on this question wouldn’t produce more searching for truth and absolute certainty of that truth. It seems that all the pain, disappointment, failure, misery, and conflict that almost every person experiences would produce this deep longing for heaven, a place of joy, and peace, and beauty, a place free from war and conflict of any kind. I think about heaven all the time, especially when anything goes wrong. My faith that heaven is a real place and that I am going there is the security and the foundation on my life. I can’t imagine living life without this confidence. It seems like death would be a growing dread, not knowing for sure what is on the other side of the curtain. The Bible gives a clear and precise answer on how to know for sure that when you die you will live forever with God. After all heaven is God’s home, and He gets to make the rules not me or you.

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